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23 Sep 2015

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Washoku on the World Stage: Japanese Cuisine and National Identity by Dr. Ted Bestor, October 4, 2015 (Sun) 3:00 ? 5:00 p.m. UNM Continuing Education Conference Center 1634 University Blvd NE

2 Oct 2015

How has washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) become such a popular part of the global scene? What does its global popularity mean for washoku in Japan? Dr. Bestor will examine several dimensions of the ways in which washoku has been promoted at the elite level, via UNESCO recognition in 2013 as an aspect of Global Intangible Cultural Heritage, as well as aspects of washoku as part of daily life.

To reserve your space please visit their website.

Albuquerque International Association »

Nice article featuring one of our grant supported programs in the Silver City Sun-News.

12 Aug 2015

Southwest Festival of the Written Word »

Southwest Festival of the Written Word »



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