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Name Ms. VanAnn Moore
Email vanannsings@msn.com
Phone 505/864-2038
Address 439 Aquina Ct.
Belen, NM  87002
Biographical Info VanAnn Moore is a Chautauqua performer and researcher who has brought a dozen historical characters alive for NMHC for over 14 years. She has performed internationally.
Character Name Dolley Madison
Program Description Dolley Madison (1768 - 1849) was a survivor of wars, intrigue, and challenges beyond the call of duty. Dolley Payne Todd was a grieving Quaker widow when she married James Madison: the Father of the U.S. Constitution, a future President, and the dearest love of her life. Dolley began her political career as the confidante and best friend of Martha Washington, and Aaron Burr, among others. She acted as hostess for eight years for President Thomas Jefferson, and became one of the nation’s most brilliant First Ladies from 1809-1917. It was Dolley who displayed amazing courage when the British attacked Washington D.C. during the War of 1812. Statesman Henry Clay exclaimed, “Everybody loves Mrs. Madison!” Even her husband’s enemies admired Dolley’s tact and diplomacy. She would become an advisor and friend of every President from Washington to President Polk. One cannot say enough about the “wonderful Mrs. Madison,” and her advice to the Unites States today to never give up the fight to preserve our unique Constitutional government, and our God-given rights to freedom!
Series American Icons
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Character Name Fred Harvey courier, or guide
Program Description A new breed of courageous, intelligent, and hard-working women traveled west from the 1880’s as Harvey Girls, and then as Southwestern Detour Couriers from the 1920’s through the great depression. The railroads and the Fred Harvey system encouraged these young unmarried girls to head west to work for him, and become a part of the Southwestern landscape. The college-educated Detour Couriers, or Tour Guides, were a major part of the travel industry enlightening travelers about the history, and unique beauty of the entire southwest. Along with young men who drove the touring cars, and buses, these women took willing passengers off of the railroads and from the Fred Harvey Hotels to the ancient Indian Pueblos, National Parks (such as Bandelier, Carlsbad Caverns, and the Grand Canyon), and other places of interest. They were “walking-talking billboards” for the history, beauty and opportunities of the then little-known southwest. Grab your walking shoes, cameras, and a hat as we once again bump along the old dirt roads to take a detour of the grand southwest!
Series New Mexico History and Cultures; American Icons
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Program Title SOPRANOS AND SIX-SHOOTERS: Great Ladies of the Old Western Theatre
Character Name Sarah Bernhardt, Lillian Russell
Program Description Everyone likes to be entertained, and early days in the old West was no exception! Early theatrical troupes featuring the actresses and singers of the day were always a welcome sight, especially in the mining towns and other places "out-in-the-sticks." Some of the earliest stars who braved the rugged traveling conditions in a stage coach or wagon over mountainous roads and high desert trails were Lillie Langtree, Sarah Bernhardt, Lillian Russell, Lotta Crabtree, and the famous Lola Montez. Primitive conditions often greeted these talented women, and sometimes their audiences wore their six-shooters right into the theatres. In New Mexico there were numerous old Opera Houses in Cerrillos, Raton, Albuquerque, and Socorro. But anywhere a tent or school, saloon or stable could create a "make-shift place," you could have your entertainment. These famous women performers traveled everywhere to give their audiences excitement, diversion and charm that can only be re-imagined in this enticing performance by VanAnn Moore.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures; Art, Music and Dance
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Program Title AMAZING WOMEN OF THE WILD WEST: Territorial New Mexico
Character Name Doña Tules Barcelo, Susan Shelby Magoffin, and Lydia Spencer Lane
Program Description One of the most dramatic eras of New Mexico’s rich history is the Territorial period when the United States first raised the American flag on August 18, 1846 over the plaza of Santa Fe for the first time. This program examines the territorial women through living history portrayals of Doña Tules (Gertrudes Barcelo), Susan Shelby Magoffin, and Lydia Spencer Lane. These women represented what it took to survive and thrive during very colorful and extremely challenging times in New Mexico’s Territorial Era. It brings history into an understandable and personal reality. Doña Tules opened Santa Fe and New Mexico to America; through Susan Magoffin’s detailed journal we understand the beginning of New Mexico as a Territory; and through Lydia Spencer Lane we experience frontier military life and the beginning of the American Civil War out West.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures
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