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Name Mr. Bill Martin
Email billm0688@gmail.com
Website http://mindreachentertainment.com
Phone 505/896-0100
Address PO Box 44547
Rio Rancho, NM  87174
Biographical Info Bill Martin is a magician, escapeologist, and retired Naval Aviator. He has been a Golden Gloves boxer, carnival wrestler, hardrock miner, tractor mechanic, and nightclub entertainer. He has performed Houdini’s famous milkcan escape on national television.
Program Title THE PILOT WITH A MAGIC HAT: Escape in Vietnam
Program Description Bill Martin commanded an all-volunteer unit of Navy helicopter gunships stationed deep in the Mekong Delta in 1967 and 1968. His unit was part of the famed Seawolf Squadron which was the most highly decorated navy squadron of the Vietnam war. This PowerPoint presentation depicts the sights and sounds of actual combat during some of the fierce battles of the Tet offensive. Bill will explain his role in the freeing of 33 South Vietnamese POW's and his unusual part in the dramatic and hair-raising rescue of 200 orphans and eight nuns from the clutches of the Vietcong. Under the seat of his chopper he carried a folding magic table, collapsible top hat and a bag of tricks. Between firefights he popped into jungle villages more than 50 times to entertain families. This activity gained friends as well as important intelligence information but was not without risk. During one show a brave little girl spirited him out of the village just as the Vietcong were arriving. The infuriated Vietcong placed a price on his head. He will demonstrate a rope escape that probably saved his life when two Vietcong tied his hands behind his back on a jungle trail. Bill will demonstrate how he stunned his captors by escaping before their very eyes using a technique from a Houdini book. He will also perform some of his "Magic of the Delta." He will answer questions and offer insight into the tragic emotional struggles that still plague many Vietnam vets. Artifacts will be on display. A children's version, 5th grade and up, with less combat and more magic is available.
Series Conversations With the World
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