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Name Dr. M. Jimmie Killingsworth
Email killingsworth@tamu.edu
Cel Phone 979/676-0073
Address 1301 Half Moon Rd.
El Prado, NM  87529
Biographical Info M. Jimmie Killingsworth is Professor Emeritus of English at Texas A&M and the author or co-author of eleven books and over fifty scholarly articles and chapters, including Ecospeak: Rhetoric and Environmental Politics in America (with Jacqueline Palmer, 1992), which won the NCTE Award for Best Book of the Year in Scientific and Technical Communication, and Walt Whitman and the Earth: A Study in Ecopoetics (2004). He has also published general-audience essays on the natural world and the human experience of place, including Reflections of the Brazos Valley (2007, photographs by D. Gentry Steele) and Going Back to Galveston: Nature, Funk, and Fantasy in a Favorite Place (2011, photographs by Geoff Winningham). His latest book is Facing It: Epiphany and Apocalypse in the New Nature 2014).
Program Title NUCLEAR NEW MEXICO: The Tour
Program Description First there was eco-tourism. Now there’s nuclear tourism. The two have more in common than you might think. When the first bomb exploded at Trinity Site, and Robert Oppenheimer invoked the famous phrase “destroyer of worlds,” the destiny of the environmental movement—“saving the planet”—also sprang into being. The power to destroy and the power to save the earth, once allotted to the gods, fell into human hands for the first time in history. Now for every site of interest in nuclear history, there’s a corresponding site of natural preservation—Trinity Site alongside the Bosque del Apache, Los Alamos bordering Bandelier National Monument, the WIPP site paired with Carlsbad Caverns. The New Mexico landscape reflects the double image of modern humanity as destroyer and savior of the planet—an image of expanded power mapped onto the land and also explored in contemporary culture, in Native literature, popular fiction, film, and especially comic books and graphic novels. This presentation offers a meditation on the new status of humanity and a virtual tour that mixes still photography with a talk based on the book in progress, Nuclear New Mexico: The Tour by M. Jimmie Killingsworth and Jacqueline Palmer (writers) and James Frost (photographer).
Series New Mexico History and Cultures; Conversations With the World
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