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Name Carole Sullivan
Email calano1st@yahoo.com
Cel Phone 703/203-1860
Address 5413 Noreen Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87111
Biographical Info Carole Calano Sullivan holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theatre and was a Producer at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts for 20 years. She has acted many roles from Shakespeare to Musical Comedy and believes she brings a wicked sense of humor to her portrayal of Lizzie McGrath.
Program Title MADAME LIZZIE McGRATH: A Woman on Her Own
Character Name Elizabeth
Program Description What was life like for women in the 19th Century American West? What opportunities were open to women? What rights did women have? What can we learn from the lives of women in the old west? Through a first person examination of the life of Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” McGrath, a madame in Albuquerque from 1882-1920, many of these women’s issues are examined in an historical light. Lizzie McGrath was a colorful character whose life in Albuquerque, New Mexico is well documented. Her legend lived on through the McGrath's restaurant located in the downtown Hyatt until 2011. The "ghost of Lizzie" that inhabited this place is also well-known New Mexico lore. An intelligent and astute businesswoman, Lizzie was very financially successful. She regularly went to court to protect her property rights. She worked within the system at the time and believed her independence was her right. In this dramatization, what she saw in the 1880's, 1890's and the early 20th Century informs her observations on the women's liberation movement of yesterday and today. Her trail blazing independence is a significant addition to stories of women in the West.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures
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