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Name Ms. Sherry Robinson
Email robinson@nmia.com
Phone 505/343-0852
Address 503 Solar Rd, NW
Albuquerque, NM  87107
Biographical Info Sherry Robinson is a long-time New Mexico journalist and author. Her book, "I Fought a Good Fight: A History of the Lipan Apaches", is the result of 12 years of research and describes Apaches living on the plains as well as their allies, the Lipans and Mescaleros. She is also the author of Apache Voices and El Malpais, Mt. Taylor and the Zuni Mountains. She’s given talks about the Apaches as a speaker for the New Mexico Humanities Council since 1999.
Program Description Walk in the moccasins of the Apaches! Talks include an overview of Apache history, culture and values, followed by a choice of true stories, told in their own words. 1) Women warriors.Apaches used to say if a woman loved her husband, she would ride alongside him in battle. 2) Mescaleros´┐Ż experience at the Bosque Redondo, the army's failed reservation for Navajos and Mescalero Apaches. 3) Lipan Apaches. When Coronado traversed the plains in search of gold, the first people he met outside the pueblos were Apache buffalo hunters. Their descendents would become Lipan Apaches.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures
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