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Name Dr. Stefanie Beninato, JD PhD
Email stebeni@swguides.com, info@nmmediate.com
Phone 505/988-8022
Address P.O. Box 1601
Santa Fe, NM  87504-1601
Biographical Info Dr. Stefanie Beninato is a long-time public historian, working on projects ranging from archaeological surveys to genealogy, land use and water law. She lectures and teaches to a wide audience on tours and in class rooms.
Program Title "THE POLITICS OF REBELLION": The Free Speech Movement and the Counter-Culture
Program Description This NMHC presentation centers on the Free Speech Movement’s effects on the counterculture. The Free Speech Movement (FSM), an early outgrowth of the civil rights movement, was seminal in setting up the environment of the 1960s that allowed students who were dissatisfied with society to make changes. Although it might have been an unintended consequence, it unlocked the possibility of new social structures and politicized life-style choices. This presentation explores the history of the FSM and some of the long-lasting contributions of the counter-culture: recycling, sustainability, organic farming, alternative energy sources, and an acceptance of alternative life-styles This topic is relevant both historically and currently to New Mexico, the site of numerous communes in the 1960s.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures; Sustaining Community
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