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Name Mr. Allan J. Wheeler
Email allanwheeler@palindrome.com
Phone 505/984-8656
Address 13 Ravens Ridge Trail
Santa Fe, NM  87505
Biographical Info Allan J. Wheeler is an amateur historian and a guide for "Historic Walks of Santa Fe." He also has entertained other groups ranging from senior citizens to school children. He is author of "A Layman's History of Santa Fe, 10000 BC to 2009 AD."
Program Title WILLIAM BECKNELL (1786-1856): Founder of the Santa Fe Trail
Character Name William Becknell
Program Description William Becknell was a trapper and explorer who founded the Santa Fe trail - on a quest to get money to pay off the debts that had landed him in debtors prison in Franklin, Missouri. After being bailed out of prison, he followed the directions of an old trapper and embarked on a arduous 77-day trek to Santa Fe. He returned to Franklin six months later and dropped $6,000 in silver coins on the ground of the town square for his creditors to pick up. Click here to open the William Becknell website in a new window.
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who we are,
who we were
and who we aspire to be.

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