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Name Mr. Jack Loeffler
Email loeffler@newmexico.com
Organization Lore of the Land
Title Board member
Phone 505/466-0490
Address 7 Avenida Vista Grande
B-7, #119
Santa Fe, NM  87508
Biographical Info Jack Loeffler is a writer, aural historian, radio producer and sound collage artist who has hunted and gathered sound throughout the American West, Mexico and beyond for more than forty years. He has written a number of books, including "La Musica de los Viejitos: The Hispano Folk Music of the Rio Grande del Norte" and "Adventures with Ed: A Portrait of Abbey. He is proprietor of the Peregrine Arts Sound Archive in Santa Fe, and his extensive collection of recordings is currently being digitally duplicated, to be donated to the Museum of New Mexico.
Program Description Loeffler focuses on the importance of perceiving watersheds as complete eco-systems of which their own species is but one of many. He addresses the effects of damming wild rivers, the imposition of geo-political boundaries and the error of perceiving water as a commodity to be turned into money. He illustrates diverse points of view from interviews he has recorded with in the Columbia, Colorado and Rio Grande watersheds. He cites the revered Russian philosopher, Pyotr Kropotkin, who contended that evolution of species and culture owes far more to mutual cooperation than to mutual antagonism.
Series Sustaining Community
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