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Name Ms. Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne
Email mail@janevoss.net
Website http://www.janevoss.net
Phone 505/334-9716
Office Phone 505/334-9716
Cel Phone 505/608-0943
Address 122 North Mesa Verde Ave.
Aztec, NM  87410
Biographical Info Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne perform historic American folk and popular music with verve and authenticity. Their historical concert-lectures include 1912: A Musical Snapshot of America in the Year New Mexico Became a State, The Ragtime Century, and I Want to Be Bad: The Flapper and Her Song. Voss & Osborne have appeared at music festivals, in concerts, and at schools, colleges, and museums all across North America.
Program Title 1912: A Musical Snapshot of America in the Year New Mexico Became a State
Program Description New Mexico achieved statehood during a fascinating and complex time in America's history. The frontier was no longer open for expansion. The U.S. was becoming a major power in the world. New technologies like electric power, telephones, film, recordings, radio, automobiles, and airplanes were changing life in America. Minorities, women, and workers were all agitating for more rights. Songs are documents of American life which tell a lot about what ordinary people of the time found interesting, and how they felt about these developments. Voss & Osborne are expert performers and scholars of historic American music. They present songs from the suffrage movement and the labor struggles, about the tumultuous presidential election, and about the Titanic - all from 1912 - introduced with historical information, much of it drawn from journalism and literature of the period. The program's climax is the corrido, "Hymn to the Statehood of New Mexico."
Series New Mexico History and Cultures; Art, Music and Dance
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