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Name Ms. Susi Spirita Wolf
Email susi@wolfsongcreative.com
Website http://www.wolfsongcreative.com
Phone 505/881-1220
Address 12225 Menaul Blvd. NE #C
Albuquerque, NM  87112
Biographical Info Susi Wolf has been a multi-faceted entertainer for many years. She currently combines her love of storytelling with acting to write and perform one-woman shows. And sometimes she steps off the stage to facilitate workshops. She believes acting and storytelling are just another form of teaching, because there is communication and lessons in all performing arts. Susi believes this work is sacred and says she'll never retire. Not as long as there are stories to tell.
Character Name Diamond Bessie
Program Description This colorful character comes to life with a zest worthy of true legends. Forced into a life of prostitution, Diamond Bessie becomes notorious and wealthy until her new husband brutally murders her. She reaches out from the grave and tells a cautionary tale that is applicable even in our modern society.
Series New Mexico History and Cultures
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Program Title GRANDMARY THE VICTORIAN LADY: Life in the Victorian Parlor and the Suffrage Movement
Character Name Grandmary
Program Description Grandmary appears by virtue of "time travel" and tells stories from the late 19th century while giving etiquette lessons. She also shares valuable historical information by telling tales and showing some of her beloved and interesting Victorian possessions. Her shared knowledge of the Suffragette Movement is a fun and important lesson - the guests even wear an authentic Suffragette Sash and march in a Suffragette parade. A truly important historic component of Grandmary’s appearance is to experience the growth and trials of the Suffragette Movement through her eyes. In modern society, we often forget the debt owed these brave feminist pioneers. In Victorian times, life could be dismal for women who wanted to be part of business, sign contracts, vote, have child custody and more. There are so many interesting and accurate stories of the courage and cunning of these women who wore white sashes.
Series Conversations With the World
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Program Title STORYTELLING: Animal Tales and the Lessons They Teach Us
Program Description Story is the oldest form of communication there is. From the earliest gatherings and etchings on cave walls, Story explained a culture for those who later passed that way. It is how First Mankind declared, “Hey, we were here and this is who we were!" Our brains are literally hardwired to understand facts, statistics, concepts and more through oral tradition. Story is the great connector between people and promotes an immediate bonding among listeners and the teller. There is both practical and transcendent power within the storytelling realm, which is explored in conversation. Didactic lesson is given through animal fables in an enjoyable and plausible method. Elements of the history of oral tradition invites a participatory aspect to the presentation. The program’s concentration is on animal and trickster stories from the U. S. Southwest, Mexico, Cherokee and Africa. Multiple tales will be shared, as well as Cherokee traditions and more.
Series Conversations With the World; Writers, Storytellers and Poets
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Seeking to understand
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who we were
and who we aspire to be.

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