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Privacy for Registered Users

The New Mexico Humanities Council (NMHC) collects information in order to process individual registrations, but will not share personal information with any other entity, unless required in a court of law. NMHC will make every effort to store personal information securely. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact NMHC.

Privacy for Funded Grant Applicants & other NMHC Scholars

Registrants who are affiliated with NMHC may have some of their information made part of the public record. Registrants serving on the Board of Directors; participants in a funded grant; and scholars acting as speakers and Chautauquans will have their names published as a matter of public record, and may additionally have other contact information published and made a part of the permanent archives at at the UNM Center for Southwest Research.

Note that two email address fields are provided in the grant application -- one is "private" and will only be available to NMHC Staff and other people associated with your project. The other email field is "public" and may be used in publicly available web pages. You do not need to fill out both -- it is strictly an option for those who may wish to keep their personal email out of the public realm.

General Terms of Use

Registered users enjoy certain privileges, but must refrain from abusing those privileges. Abuse would include:

* using the send feature for spamming purposes

* spamming the registration process

* uploading abusive, lewd, or malicious files

* harassment of others

The New Mexico Humanities Council reserves the right to delete or disable the account of any registered user who is abusing the site.

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