Grant Types

NMHC offers two kinds of grants:

Mini Grants -- Up to $2,000 for a public humanities program.

Regular Grants -- More than $2,000 for a public humanities program.

Direct Grants & Challenge Grants

Direct Grants make outright awards of NMHC funds. Like all NMHC grants, these grants require that at least half of the project's total cost is obtained from other sources. For Direct Grants, this requirement can be satisfied entirely by in-kind contributions, including facilities, goods, services, and participants' time.

Challenge Grants encourage applicants to obtain cash gifts to help support their projects. Applicants able to obtain cash gifts from businesses, foundations, or individuals are encouraged to apply for part or all of NMHC funds required through a Challenge Grant. Challenge Grants provide up to $1 in NMHC funds for each $1 in cash gifts to approved projects. Challenge Grant applications use the same forms and procedures as all other grants. They are received at the same deadlines, and are reviewed in the same manner as all other applications. The only difference is that the budget includes the proposed sources and uses of cash gifts and of Challenge Grant funds.

Applicants requesting NMHC funds partly through a Direct Grant and partly through a Challenge Grant should include both requests in the same application. Eligible gifts must be 1) cash gifts rather than donated goods or services; 2) From individuals or organizations with no other role in the project; 3) non-federal in origin; and 4) properly documented.

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