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Decisions to fund grant applications are made by the NMHC Board of Directors. The funding process is a highly competitive one; more proposals are received than NMHC can support. Since the Board reviews only the written application, the materials submitted must clearly and effectively state the applicant's case.

In making funding decisions, proposals are evaluated against NMHC guidelines. In making their decisions, Board members consider the following questions:

Humanities Content - Does the proposed project have substantial humanities content which is central to the activities for which NMHC funding is requested?

Humanities Scholars - Will professional humanities scholars be principal participants in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the project? Is each scholar's specific role clearly explained? Do the proposed scholars have appropriate expertise?

Project Substance - Has a brief, clear statement of the proposed project's activities been presented? Is it clear who will do what, when, where, and why?

Balance - Does the proposed program aim at a balanced presentation and broad public understanding? Does it avoid advocacy, bias, and calls for direct action?

Community Interest - Do the program's schedule, format, participants, and plans for publicity demonstrate the capacity to gain the interest and participation of an adult out-of-school or family audience?

Budget - Is the proposed budget adequate to support the project's activities without being wasteful? Does promised cost share at least equal the amount requested from NMHC? Does the budget clearly explain proposed expenditures and the sources of funds?

Project Income - If the program expects to generate income, is it used to defer the project's costs? Is this use clearly explained in the budget?

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