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Don't get held up: avoid the surprise of not knowing and be prepared for these potential obstacles!

Signing on

When you first register with our site, you do not immediately create a password. You begin by just entering your valid and active email address. To confirm the validity of your email address, we send you an email containing an activation link. After clicking the link, you can then create a password. At that point, you will can sign into our website and work on your application.

The Signatures

When you submit your application, each participant is required to electronically sign the application. This includes the Project Director, Fiscal Agent, and ALL participating scholars. Each person will receive an email with steps on how to sign. The Project Director and Fiscal Agent will ultimately sign two times: once to agree to their role in the grant and again at the FINAL submission of the grant.

The DUNS Number

You are required by federal law to have a DUNS number in order to apply. If your application is chosen for funding, you must have a registered DUNS number in order to receive payment. Plan ahead-- registration can take any where from 2-6 weeks!

Please see the links below on how to obtain a DUNS number and how to register your DUNS number

To obtain a DUNS number »

To register your DUNS number »

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