Application Guidelines

1. Plan Your Project Carefully

a. Include members of the community to be served as well as humanities scholars in your planning process.

b. Obtain indications of support from community organizations.

c. Prepare a detailed budget and schedule.

d. Allow ample time for securing scholar information, letters, etc.


2. Discuss Your Application with NMHC staff

All applicants must consult with NMHC staff, even veteran project directors, before submitting a grant application. The purpose of this requirement is to improve each applicant's chances of being funded by dealing with problems, missing information, budget questions, and eligibility issues early enough to allow for corrections.

a. All applicants must consult with NMHC staff via phone or in person at the NMHC office. With out consultation, NMHC reserves the right to reject an application. 

b. All applicants must have a draft prepared to be reviewed during consultation.

c. Grant workshops are offered for 5 or more people. Call (505)633-7374 to schedule a workshop in your area.

d. For consultation and final application deadlines, click here.

e. To schedule a consultation, email or call (505)633-7374.

3. Complete Every Portion of the Application in Full

a. Application Form: It is important to supply all information requested and have the form signed by two people, the project director and the fiscal agent.

b. Project Description: Complete narrative answers for questions 1 -11.

c. Budget Summary Form

d. Scholar Form: A Scholar Form must be submitted for all humanities scholars, evalulators and project directors. Statements provided within the form serve as a letter of commitment to the project.                   

IMPORTANT: Please respect this request for abbreviated Scholar Form in place of resume and do not expand to more than one page. Longer forms will be discarded after the first page.

e. Essential Supporting Materials: You are encouraged to include additional materials that support your application. These might include letters of community support, articles describing this or previous projects, and evaluations of previous projects. Please limit supporting materials to five pages or less and attach with each copy of application. five pages or less and attache with each copy of your application.

4. Signatures

When you submit the application, each participant is required to electronically sign the application. This includes the Project Director, Fiscal Agent, and ALL participating scholars. Each person will receive an email with steps on how to sign. The Project Director and Fiscal Agent will ultimately sign two times: once to agree to their role in the grant and again at the FINAL submission of the grant.

5. Obtain and Register a DUNS Number

You are required by federal law to have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number in order to apply. If your application is chosen for funding, your number must be registered in order to receive payment. Plan ahead-- registration can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks! Follow the links below to obtain a DUNS number and to register your DUNS number.

OBTAIN a DUNS Number »

REGISTER a DUNS number »

6. Complete the Online Application

NMHC accepts online applications only. If you are a first time applicant, you will be prompted to register. When you first register with our site, you do not immediately create a password. You begin by just entering your valid and active email address. To confirm the validity of your email address, we send you an email containing an activation link. After clicking the link, you can then create a password. At that point, you will can sign into our website and work on your application.

To register and begin your application, go to


For more information, contact:

Michelle Quisenberry, Senior Program Officer

New Mexico Humanities Council

Tel: (505) 633-7374


EMAIL the Senior Program Officer »

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