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Exploring the 2017 Theme: Taking a Stand in History

Courtesy of Minnesota and Tennessee History Day programs, here are more worksheets for helping your students explore the 2017 NHD theme.

Theme Sheet and Guided Questions »

Making Strong Connections with the Theme »

Taking a Stand Land (Candyland game) »

VOLCANO: Exploring the 2017 Theme »

Theme Mad Libs »

Taking a Stand Against the Holocaust

Thanks to the Anti Defamation League for allowing us to share their lesson plans and materials from Echoes and Reflections, which is their teachers' guide to exploring the history of the Holocaust. Also, find links for primary source research on people who took a stand against the genocide.

Echoes and Reflections Rescuers (Lesson 7) »

Echoes and Reflections Jewish Resistance (Lesson 6) »

Iwitness »

Yad Vashem's focus on Righteous Among the Nations »

USHMM Some Were Neighbors Online Exhibition »