2017 NHD Theme Taking a Stand in History
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2017 NHD Theme Taking a Stand in History

Getting Started with National History Day

Get your students started on National History Day by taking our online course, Getting Started with National History Day. This course will

  • - Inspire new teachers to try the NHD program
  • - Engage teachers in active learning through activities
  • - Provide resources for implementing NHD in the classroom
  • - Demonstrate how the Common Core State Standards and National History Day are a perfect match!

Visit the National History Day site to see sample projects, register for graduate courses, and find additional teacher resources. Look at the theme book to learn about this year's theme, Conflict & Compromise and to get ideas for project topics.

Getting Started with NHD (online course) -- will be updated soon! »

Contact Ellen to plan a workshop in your area »

2018 NHD Theme Book: Conflict & Compromise »

2018 Theme Narrative & Sample Topics »

In Depth with Google Hangouts

Join us for a series of in-depth webinars, presented by New Mexico professionals for History Day students and teachers. Each webinar will be recorded and shared on our YouTube channel. Each webinar will air on YouTube live at 4:00 on the date specified.

August 17: Exploring the Theme (watch recording on YouTube)

September 28: Using Historic Photos as Primary Sources (Daniel Kosharek & Hannah Abelbeck, Palace of the Governors) (watch recording on YouTube)

October 5: Echoes and Reflections: primary source resources for Holocaust topics (Jennifer Goss, Anti Defamation League) **special time 3:00 pm**

October 12: Ask Me Anything (NHD Deputy Director Kim Fortney)

October 25: Conflict and Compromise in New Mexico (Assistant State Historian Rob Martinez)

November 8: New Places to Look for Primary Sources from (Rick Hendricks, State Historian)

January 18: Fun with Bibliographies! (Luisa Castillo, central regional coordinator)

February 16: Preparing for the Contest (Ashley Page, southern regional coordinator)

To participate, you will need a browser with speakers, capable of playing video.

 Past webinars (recordings available on YouTube)

Planning Your Year 

Choosing Categories and Topics

Developing a Thesis 

Using New Mexico Digital Archives

Ask a Website Expert

Ask a Performance Expert

Ask a Documentary Expert

Ask the Exhibit Experts

Preparing for the Contest

Echoes and Reflections: Using ADL Materials for NHD

NMHC YouTube Channel »

NHD Step by Step

Click the links to navigate to a page with a recorded webinar and downloadable resources for the classroom.

Planning an NHD Year »

Exploring the Theme »

Choosing a Topic »

Writing a NHD Thesis Statement »

Doing NHD Research »

Teacher Workshops

We will be scheduling several hands on workshops are scheduled around New Mexico throughout the season. If you want a workshop in your area, please contact Ellen Dornan.

Las Cruces

Sunday August 27 1 - 4 pm

New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Register Now

Farmington: One on One classroom work September 11 - 12

--> Do you want a visit? Let us know!


Saturday September 16 1-4 pm

New Mexico Humanities Council

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These workshops will help teachers at all levels to adapt and implement the National History Day program. 

Stipends Available!

Applications are open for stipends to support NHD participation! Please fill them out as completely as possible and submit electronically or as printed copies by February 2, 2018. Awards will be distributed after February 15.

(click on the links to download the applications as fillable Word docs)

Equipment Stipend: up to $100 per classroom for supplies or equipment for NHD projects (to be owned by the school)

Travel Stipend: up to $300 per school for expenses related to travel to contests

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