Call for History Day Judges!!

Students will be competing with their history research projects in Albuquerque, Farmington and Las Cruces throughout March and April, and we want you to judge! We are seeking public or professional historians, educators, graduate students, museum professionals and others with a love of history and a desire to help students nurture their passion for history. This year's theme is Conflict and Compromise. NMHC offers training to all judges prior to each National History Day contest, and serve lunch and refreshments during the contests. The judge's day lasts from 8 am through mid-afternoon. Website and paper judges receive their entries and judge them prior to the contest, and then have a shorter day than judges for the other categories. If you have questions about judging or attending the contests, please contact New Mexico History Day State Coordinator Ellen Dornan.

Email NHD Coordinator Ellen Dornan »

Volunteer for Central Regional Contest (Abq) March 3 »

Volunteer for Northwest Regional Contest (Farmington) March 9 »

Volunteer for Southern Regional Contest (Las Cruces) March 23 »

Volunteer for State NHD Contest (Abq) April 27 »

General information

National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program which promotes the study of history. These young historians develop research papers, exhibits, documentaries, websites and performances based on topics for this year's theme: Conflict and Compromise in History. Participating in National History Day helps address the Common Core State Standards comprehensively.

As a judge, you are critical to the contest as you will be giving students a chance to talk about their research and work as well as giving them written constructive feedback. Students use this feedback to improve their projects after each contest on their way to Nationals in June. There are three divisions: Youth, Junior and Senior. The Youth Division is 4th and 5th graders; the Junior Division is comprised of middle school students, grades 6-8. The Senior Division is comprised of high school students, grades 9-12. Projects for all categories can be completed individually or by a group, with the exception of Papers.

If you are judging websites or papers, you will receive the entries about two weeks prior to the contest. All other entries are judged onsite on the contest date. After speaking to the students, each set of judges will confer to decide an order ranking of the entries.

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File: NHD2018ConflictandCompromise.pdf (approx 318.38 kB)

Code of Conduct for NHD.pdf
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File: Code of Conduct for NHD.pdf (approx 19.08 kB)

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File: Contest-Rule-Book.pdf (approx 1.22 MB)

Materials for All Judges

If you have not judged for NHD before, please review the rules for National History Day, the theme narrative for conflict and compromise, as well as the expectations we have of judges. If you know what category you'll be judging, please review the rules for that category.

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File: Website_Judge_Instructions.pdf (approx 178.19 kB)

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File: jUDGING WEBSITES STEP BY STEP.pdf (approx 35.30 kB)

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File: NHD_Eval_Sheets_Paper15.pdf (approx 129.95 kB)

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File: NHD_Eval_Sheets_Website15.pdf (approx 130.53 kB)

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File: Paper_Judge_Instructions.pdf (approx 171.88 kB)

Paper and Website Judge Orientation

Click on the link below or in the navigation menu to access the online judge orientation for those judging websites or papers.

Click here for online judge orientation »

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