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Chautauqua Booking Guidelines

3 easy steps...

Any not-for-profit group, 501 (c) 3, or school (5th grade and higher) can order a limited number of our programs (6) per calendar year. All programs must be open to the public and advertised as such. Expected audience must be at least 20 people. See additional guidelines below.

The booking fee for not-for profit organizations is $100.00. Schools pay a fee of $50.00.

Pick a Program

Step One

Browse our ONLINE Speakers Catalog to find a program that piques your interest or suits the needs of your group.

Contact the speaker or Chautauquan to negotiate a date, time and place for the proposed program. Current contact information, including phone numbers, addresses, and email, is listed in the ONLINE Speakers Catalog.


Fill Out the Application

Step Two

Fill out and submit our ONLINE application at least 30 days in advance of the selected date. Online application links are found in the Speakers Catalog at the bottom of the speaker's page you have chosen to schedule.

YOUR ELECTRONIC APPLICATION WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED by e-mail within two working days. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE an e-mail, call NMHC at 505/633-7371.

When your application is approved, you and the scholar will receive three documents from us:


*Scholar Payment Form

*Evaluation Form

Note that all forms share a unique number for your program called a CCP #. Please refer to this number when making inquiries about your program.

Submit your payment at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled program. For check payments, please indicate the CCP# in the memo portion of the check or submit a copy of the invoice with your payment. The mailing address is on the invoice.

You may also pay with a credit card through PayPal. A small fee applies. See link below to pay using the PayPal option. Please include the CCP# in the "Instructions to Buyer" section.

The scholar payment form must be signed by both you and the scholar. The scholar will complete this form and remit it to the NMHC.

The Evaluation Form is to be completed by the program host and returned to NMHC. This form must be fully completed and submitted before the scholar can be paid.

After you receive the forms from us, call your presenter to confirm the details and offer assistance with directions, hotel reservations and equipment for the program. We encourage the sponsors to assist with hotel bills and meals for the scholar whenever possible.


Advertise, Enjoy and Evaluate

Step Three

Advertise and promote your program to the general public as well as to your membership. Possible publicity approaches include news releases to local newspapers; public service announcements on public radio stations; organizational newsletters; and poster campaigns. You must aim to have at least 20 people attend the program.

Publicity for the event must state that it is open to the public and made possible by New Mexico Humanities Council, which is supported by grants from National Endowment for the Humanities and the Department of Cultural Affairs of the State of New Mexico.

All programs we fund must be open to the public. We prefer to be associated with FREE programs, but you can charge a nominal entrance fee to help meet your expenses, but not to make a profit. Please see the Online Application for fee options.

You cannot use our programs as fundraisers. In addition, scholars may not be used as advocates for a cause advocating political action.

Be sure you understand the scholar's needs for an effective presentation. Does he/she need a slide projector, overhead projector, microphone, tape player, etc? Always allow an hour and a half for each program, including questions. The scholars are all willing to spend time talking with the audiences after the formal program.

Never permit food or beverages to be served during a presentation - it is too distracting for the scholars and the audience.

If the scholar is traveling to your site, we appreciate any help you can give him/her on lodging and meals.

After the program is over, don't forget to fill out and return the evaluation form we will send you. Help us spread the word about our excellent, unique people and programs by reporting key images, impressions, and interactions that you and your audience enjoyed. We use these to persuade legislators and private interests to continue funding the humanities in New Mexico.

Credit NMHC Please!

Be sure to credit NMHC in all advertising. You may download our logo in a variety of formats.

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