Chautauqua Booking Guidelines

Through living history, lectures and performances, Chautauqua programs are intimate explorations of what it means to be human.  Schools (K - 12) and non-profit organizations are eligible to book these enriching public programs. Follow these steps to book and process a Chautauqua program.


Program Restrictions

  • The Chautauqua Program is a low cost variety of cultural and historical programs for public audiences. Programs include lectures and living history performances.
  • All non-profits, schools (5-12) and local, state and federal government agencies are eligible to book a program
  • For-profit organizations are ineligible for NMHC sponsored Chautauqua programs.**
  • All programs must be open to the public and advertised to the community at large.
  • Programs may NOT be used for private audiences, conferences, luncheons, meetings, etc.
  • Chautauqua programs cannot be used for fundraisers. We do allow entities to charge a nominal fee, up to $5.00, to recoup the booking fee. Proceeds above the booking fee are considered a profit. 

Sponsors are encouraged to contact the NMHC Chautauqua Program Officer if there is any question about the eligibility of an organization or event. 

** As independent contractors, scholars are free to contract with for-profit organizations outside of the Chautauqua program and without NMHC funding


General Guidelines

  • Booking Fees:

    • Not-for profit organizations - $100.00
    • Schools (5 -12) - $50.00

    Organizations may book up to 6 programs per calendar year.

  • Scholars may schedule up to 8 programs per calendar year.
  • Expected audience attendance must be a minimum of 20 people.

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Submit program application in a timely manner, at least 30 days in advance of the program.
  • Contact presenter Provide mutually agreed-upon facilities, equipment, and technical needs for your program.
  • Advertise the program to the public, giving credit to the New Mexico Humanities Council for sponsorship.
  • Mention, at the introduction of the program, the sponsorship of the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Return the completed program evaluation within 2-3 days of a program.  Evaluations must include three items: an audience count; the name of the program evaluator (printed and signed); and substantive comments regarding the presentation.  The blank middle section of the form allows program sponsors to provide information that allows the council and the presenter to make adjustments and improve presentations and our program.  Incomplete evaluations will be returned and further bookings will not be permitted until they are corrected.  
  • Remit payment for the program ($100 for non-profits; $50.00 for schools) in a timely manner.

Pick a Program

Step One

Browse our ONLINE Speakers Catalog to find a program that piques your interest or suits the needs of your group. 


Contact the Presenter

Step Two

Contact the presenter for the program you have chosen to schedule the date and time. Contact information is included on the presenter's program page in the Speakers Catalog.

This will also be a good time to discuss the presenter's needs to provide a quality program. For example, some presenters may require a microphone, a projector or a changing room.

Fill Out the Application

Step Three

Online application links are found in the Speakers Catalog at the bottom of the speaker's program you have chosen to schedule.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the program date.

Your electronic application will be acknowledged by e-mail with a copy of the completed application within one business day. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE an e-mail, call NMHC at 505/633-7371.

Your application will be approved or declined within 5 business days.  If approved, you and the scholar will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions and three documents: an Invoice, an Evaluation Form and a Scholar Payment Form

Note that all forms share a unique number for your program called a CCP #. Please refer to this number when making inquiries about your program.

Pay the Invoice

Step Four

The fee schedule is as follows:

Non-Profit Organizations (501c3, 501c4, government): $100 

Schools, K-12: $50

An invoice will be attached to the e-mail confirming your program request and reflect the fee for which you are qualified. Please remit your payment at least 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled Chautauqua program.

Make checks payable to New Mexico Humanities Council and include the invoice number in the memo section. Mail your payment to the address provided on the invoice.

Credit card payments may be made securely online through PayPal. A service fee applies. 


Advertise the Program

Step Five

Advertise and promote your program to the general public as well as to your membership. You must aim to have at least 20 people attend the program. Publicity for the event must state that it is open to the public and made possible by New Mexico Humanities Council, which is supported by grants from National Endowment for the Humanities.

If your organization has a Facebook presence, consider creating an event for the Chautauqua program and adding NMHC as a co-sponsor so we can share the event.

CLICK HERE for NMHC logos 

Submit the Evaluation

Step Six

An Evaluation Form will be included with the confirmation e-mail and contains information specific to your scheduled program. 

This form must be fully completed and submitted before the scholar can be paid. Submit the form within 10 days following completion of the program 

Please take the time to provide substantive, critical comments about the program and presenter. Feedback is essential to building and maintaining quality programming.



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