Grant Application Rating Sheet

Grant Application Rating Sheet
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Grant Application Rating Sheet

Use the NMHC Grant Application Rating Sheet to review your work. This form is used by NMHC staff and board to review applications and is a good tool to evaluate it for yourself and decide if revisions are needed before submission. Allow adequate time to consult with NMHC staff if you still have questions or concerns about your proposal. 

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Grant Application Rating Sheet

Assign scores 0-5 (5 being the highest)


  1. Is the proposal consistent with the mission and goals of the NMHC?                   
  2. Is the project well-defined?  Are the goals stated clearly?                                 
  3. Are the goals appropriate, achievable, realistic?                                               
  4. Does the project focus substantially on one or more humanities disciplines?       
  5. Does the project address an uncommon or innovative topic?                             
  6. Is/Are the location(s) described adequately?                                                    


  1. Does the proposed program aim at a balanced presentation and broad public understanding?
  2. Is the proposal well-written?  Strong, concise, understandable, complete?            
  3. Does topic of the project consider multiple viewpoints/voices?                             


  1. Does the applicant demonstrate sound planning and effective programming?       
  2. Did the applicant seek consultation from NMHC staff?                                         
  3. Is/Are the scholars qualified/competent?                                                           
  4. Is/Are the scholars involved in the planning?                                                     
  5. Does the proposal clearly describe the role of each scholar?                                


  1. Is the project aimed at underserved communities?                                             
  2. Does the project aim at a balanced presentation and broad public understanding? 
  3. Does it avoid advocacy, bias, and calls for direct action? 
  4. Is there adequate Q&A and audience interaction planned? 
  5. Is the program accessible to the public?                                                             


  1. Is the requested budget understandable? 
  2. Is the requested budget reasonable? Does it clearly explain proposed expenditures and the sources of funds?         
  3. Has the applicant provided evidence of cost sharing? 
  4. Is there a strong publicity plan described? 


  1. Does the proposal describe the evaluation criteria adequately? 
  2. Is/Are the evaluators well-informed and competent? 


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