Budget Instructions

All projected income and expenditures for your project must be indicated. Clarity and detail are very important. It should be clear how the cost was computed, why the cost is incurred, and how you propose to meet this cost.

Matching/Cost Share Columns

Applicants must pledge funds from other sources that at least equal the amount requested from NMHC. Cost sharing can come from:

• In-kind Donations to the project from the sponsoring organization(s), or other individuals or organizations, consisting of goods, services, or volunteered time. Volunteer services should be valued at rates consistent with those ordinarily paid for similar work.

• Cash Contributions from outside sources, known as third parties.

• Cash Contributions from the project's sponsoring organization(s).

• Project Income directly generated from activities or events NMHC is asked to support. This must be reported on the budget summary from and used to defray project costs.

If you match with cash contributions from third party sources, NMHC welcomes that indication of broad support for your project. If funded, you will be asked to document all such gifts by supplying a copy of an award or donor letter. Please photocopy checks and award letters when you receive them from third-party sources.

Funds Requested Column

In this column, you will find four possible types of expenditures that NMHC can fund: services and supplies, publicity, travel, and honoraria.

l. Services and Supplies: You may include in this category the normal expenditures for support for a project. If you wish to list something under "other," check with staff to make sure that the service is allowable. For example, a fee for the services of a videographer may not be allowable, given the limitations on funding video production.

ll. Publicity: Good publicity is essential to draw a wide audience. You may include here the cost of advertising, production of flyers and posters, and distribution of press releases and announcements. You may count public service announcements (psa) as a cost-share item, but check with the broadcaster for the usual advertisement costs in order to figure the market value of a psa.

lll. Travel

Commercial Travel: Airplane, bus or rail must be figured at economy or coach rate. Also, note that all air travel paid with grant funds must be on U.S. air carriers.

 Mileage Allowance: $0.375 per mile

• Per diem Allowance: Up to $70 per night for lodging and $25 per day for meals ($5 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, $12 for dinner). NMHC will generally fund meals only if an overnight stay is required. Applicants may budget for higher rates for travel and per diem costs, provided the difference between NMHC and budgeted rates comes from other sources (third party or sponsor's cash or in-kind donations).

lV. Honoraria: NMHC funds requested for personnel participating in the project should be "honoraria" (token payments) rather than salaries. Due to limited resources, NMHC cannot compensate project participants for the full value of their time or service on a project. In particular, NMHC cannot fund requests for an individual's salary for the durantion of a project. NMHC will pay up to $350 per speaker in honoraria for a single public event.*

*Please note: Applicants may budget for personnel costs at a higher rate than NMHC allows, provided that the difference between the budgeted rate and an honorarium comes from other funding sources. Except for single, one-time honorarium payments, personnel costs must be figured on the basis of an appropriate hourly wage for the person being paid out of NMHC funds.


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