Grant Application Checklist

Grant Application Checklist
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Grant Application Checklist

Use the Grant Application Checklist to assure you have provided all the necessary materials for a successful grant. 

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____ Be in good standing with NMHC. For example, prior grantees submitted a final report and closed the previous grant.

____ Your organization has a federal tax ID and D-U-N-S (DUNS) number.

____ You scheduled and completed a consultation with NMHC staff.

____ A draft application has been submitted. This must be done before submitting your final application online or it will not be considered.

____ All required signatures have been acquired.



____ Did you respect section word count limits? 

____ Did you complete the scholar forms for the project director (s), evaluator(s) and scholars and have them electronically sign their forms?



____ Does your budget clearly illustrate how you plan to allocate NMHC funds and any additional resources (cash or in-kind) needed to implement your project?

____ Does the promised cost-share at least equal NMHC funds requested?

____ Is the source and use of anticipated project income, if any, explained?



____ From the online application, be sure to print a copy of your application from the PDF tab for your own records.

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