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31 Dec 2015

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Plan ahead! Here are the February Chautauqua programs--

23 Jan 2015

Saturday February 7: Gallup: 2pm

NMHC Chautauqua: Camilla Dodson presenting her program, African Instruments at the Octavia Fellin Public Library.

About: Drums are probably the earliest musical instrument, common to all cultures. This presentation describes the role of music in traditional African society using drumming. In Africa, the role of music in society -- for communication, ceremony, oral history, spiritual expression and entertainment -- is so fundamental that many African languages have no word for 'music.' It is simply an ever-present part of life. Several kinds of drums are used in this presentation, and the audience will have a chance to play them.

Tuesday February 10: Los Lunas: 12:30

NMHC Chautauqua: Ralph Estes presenting his program, Me & Billy at the Luna Mansion

About: The "world's oldest living cowboy" tells, in story and song, of his years as a cowboy and his friendship with Billy the Kid. Stories about Billy the Kid are generally exaggerated. This program addresses the legend-making process while presenting the story of Billy that is supported by historical evidence. Ralph has performed at the Lincoln State Monument Old Lincoln Days, Ruidoso's Hubbard Museum of the American West, Albuquerque Folk Festival, Alamogordo's Flickinger Performing Arts Center, Heron Lake State Park, Albuquerque Museum, Red River's Days of 1895, Farmington's Turano-Chrisman Performing Arts Theater, University of New Mexico Valencia campus, and the Western Music Association International Music Festival main stage.

Friday February 13: Albuquerque: 10:30am

NMHC Chautauqua: Edward Wallace presenting his program, From Slave to Superstar: The Life and Times of James Pierson Beckwourth at Oasis.

About: An inspiring, entertaining, educational and historically accurate portrayal of one of our forgotten heroes. Edward Wallace uses his professional acting experience to bring to life the exploits of a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring character of our early western history. Jim Beckwourth, born a slave, went on to found Pueblo, Colorado, trap beaver with the likes of Kit Carson and Jim Bridger, and discover a pass over the Sierra Madre Mountains, which made it easier for immigrants traveling to California. His other exploits include owning a hotel in Santa Fe, running a trading post in Taos, and becoming Chief of the Mountain Crows. The audience is treated to an unforgettable and educational journey into our historical past.

Thursday February 26: Gallup: 6:30pm

NMHC Chautauqua: Brenda Hollingsworth-Marley presenting her program, Lena Horne at the Octavia Fellin Public Library.

About: In 1933, beautiful 16-year-old Lena Horne began dancing at the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem. She went on to become the first African American woman to sign a contract with a Hollywood studio. Fighting discrimination from whites and blacks, she won critical acclaim for her distinctive singing style and a Tony for her Broadway show at the age of 65. Her life was truly grace amid "Stormy Weather."

Humanities for America

17 Jan 2015

?We?re all aware of recent criticisms that humanists have become too inwardly and professionally focused. This initiative will provide encouragement and support to humanities scholars who wish to demonstrate the relevance of their professional interests and skills to American life.?-- NEH Chairman, William "Bro" Adams

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